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The children who come to Credo are good kids. Those on the streets do not go there originally because they want to. Their circumstances propel them there.

However, when they come to us they display all the characteristics of High Risk Children and unless a serious intervention is made in their lives - and where possible in the lives of their families - most of them will continue situations that degrade their human dignity, that violate their rights, that are physically, emotionally and morally harmful and may also see them becoming perpetrators and / or victims of crime and violence.

To date over 500 children and their families have been served by our Centres. All of these young people have had an education and have learned skills to manage their lives better. They are studying, or working and are responsible citizens.
Success stories...
Names and other details have been modified to safeguard the young peopleís identity.

Jacob was the eldest of 5 children. At 13 he decided to drop out of Secondary School and try to survive on the streets so that his mother would have one mouth less to feed. He spent 4 years at Credo Centre. During this time he returned to school was successful in CXC and is now fully employed with a reputable company.

At 10, James was on the streets and had no idea who his parents were. On finishing school he attended Servol where he learned multiple skills and he is now employed while completing a B.Sc.

Until recently Jane and Julia lived on the streets with their drug addicted mother. They now live at one of our Centres and have both returned to school where they are doing well.

Imagine moving from being expelled from school for totally unacceptable behaviour, to achieving double awards for academic excellence and perfect attendance in the space of just two years. Thatís Jasonís story. Jason is a resident of one of our Centres.

At age 12 Josanne was left outside a store by her stepmother. Four years later she completed CXC and is now in fulltime employment.

Robert was totally neglected and left to fend for himself as a child. He is now fully employed, married and the proud father of a healthy baby boy.