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Credo Drop-In & Residential Development Centre
In 1994 Credo Foundation for Justice (CFJ) began an awareness-creating programme on the problem of children on the street, and in 1995 we began work on the street as our own response to that Programme.

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Credo Centre was opened in June 1997 by CFJ in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development. It offered young boys who lived and worked on the streets and in other abusive situations a place of safety where they could drop-in for a shower, a change of clothes, a meal or a friendly ear; an alternative education programme for those not yet ready for school; counselling; family support and long or short term residential accommodation for those who need it.

Sadly, this centre was destroyed by fire in 2007. The feelings of the residents, past as well as present were summed up by Kendall when he said with emotion, I lost many things in this fire but most of all, I lost my home.
It was a long and challenging journey so it was with great excitement that the first group of boys moved into the new Credo Drop-In & Residential Centre at 24 Nelson Street at the end of February 2014.

This Centre offers:
Socially displaced boys, ages ten to seventeen, a safe home away from the drugs, crime and gangs on the streets and other abusive situations, as well as an opportunity to acquire the personal, social and educational skills they need to become self-reliant, contributing citizens, and responsible parents in the future
A safe place with positive activities to the boys and girls of the Nelson/Duncan Street area as an antidote to the perceived need to join gangs
Family Programmes

Some of the Drop-In programmes are:
For Youth - A Homework Centre, Best Village dance, Sporting activities, Games, Martial Arts, Creative Arts and Literacy
For Adults - Parenting Skills, Grow-box gardening, Mediation Skills, Referral information, Programmes in collaboration with YTEPP
Where Can You Find Us?
Aylward House Transitional Living Facility is located at 63 Hermitage Road, Gonzales.
Telephone: 625-6385, 360-4709