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Development Programmes
Based on the philosophy and mission of Credo Foundation for Justice, and the challenges already experienced by our young people; it is our critical responsibility to provide the best guidance for their education and development. It is essential that we provide opportunities for them to realise their potential and be able to mature as confident and capable citizens of our country.
All the Development Programmes of our Centres are linked to our objective - to provide a place of safety and promote education and positive growth in the lives of our young people. While our priority is for all children to enter the education system, their development is supported by the programmes of the Centres which involve a structured plan of activities in weekly and vacation programmes, designed to create new learning opportunities and maximize teachable moments.

The Centres’ development programme is also a reflection of the vision and core values shared by all the Centres of Credo Foundation for Justice:

• Dedication
• Respect
• Self-Respect
• Trustworthiness
• Discipline
• Empowerment
• Independence
• Commitment
The development programme is supported by the Staff of each Centre as they:
• Create and maintain a stimulating learning environment that reinforces our education and development goals and motivates
our residents to learn and succeed
• Model appropriate behaviour
• Reinforce a positive culture reflected in appropriate interactions and tone of voice
• Ensure affirmations, and motivate our young people to do well
• Identify needs for counselling and other interventions by social support services, and ensure their implementation
• Encourage mentoring and other supportive relationships with volunteers and external facilitators
• Develop and implement the Parent Empowerment Programme for parents, relatives and guardians of residents, as well as
members of the community

The key areas of the development programme are:

• Remedial Education
• Spirituality
• Personal Development
• Life Skills
• Socialisatio
These values therefore become principles that guide the planning of programmes and the manner in which they are implemented.
Modules are developed and implemented internally. They are also conducted in collaboration with volunteers. They include theoretical teaching, practical sessions, rap sessions, role play and field trips.

Staff Development
Credo Foundation for Justice has an ongoing Staff Development Programme which focuses on developing a clear strategy for the education and development of the children of the Credo Foundation as well as building the capability of the staff members to fulfil the objectives of the Centres.

The Staff Development Programme involves:
• Equipping staff members with skills and tools to better fulfil their job responsibilities and contribute to the goals of the
• Developing appropriate relationships with the children
• Building a positive culture in the Centres reflected in the environment, interactions among staff and residents and the
language used in the Centres
• Working with the staff members in designing, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive developmental programme
tailored to the particular needs of the children - parts of which will be conducted in house and sourced externally

The focus of our training - as we set new goals and apply previous learning - is on:
• Excellence in Service & Performance
• Excellence in Education & Development
• Motivation
• Building Management and Supervisory Skills
• Creating a Positive, Learning Environment
As we improve effectiveness and performance, we aspire to build a culture of Excellence in our Centres and an attitude of Excellence among our young people.

Previous workshops have included:
• Team Building
• Values and Culture
• Ethics and Accountability
• Leadership
• Developing the Personal & Professional Self - Maintaining the Balance
• Developing a Winning Attitude
• Improving Relationships with Young People - Being Real, Being Affirming
• Getting to Know Each Other
• Recognising our Role at the Centres
• Renewing our Commitment
• Affirming Each Other
• How we can we help youths to recognise their worthiness
• Forgiveness and Thanksgiving
• Trauma, teen Anger and Deliquency